A real Digital Expertise for equal investment

  1. Revenue Optimisation

    We run your daily operational process and campaigns effectively by managing all of the moving parts to deliver successful results.

    We ensure that your campaigns are executed in line with your KPI's. We understand the importance of the Art of Ad Operations and use a proactive approach so there is no slippage while executing the individual tasks.

    We build on-top of your data and develop detailed reports with relevant insights and business intelligence to achieve a sustained success.

    We are experts in all advertising mediums with our core focus being on programmatic channels, including desktop, mobile and in app for both display and video ad space.

  2. Reporting & Analitics

    Having data isn’t enough, reporting availability and accuracy has become critical. It’s having access to the right data, confidence in that data, and the knowledge to leverage it to move your business forward.

    When you don’t have the time or resources to achieve your reporting & analytics, we can help with the perfect mix of skills & experience you need – and only when you need them, reducing the cost by producing higher quality results quicker.

    Our focus is to enable you to get a better business value by: Our expertise on most of the top digital platforms Discrepancy Management Troubleshooting

  3. Account Management

    Customer Relationships
    Managing customer relationships is the account manager’s most important role. In the Digital space environment, customer relationships operate at a number of different levels. Our account managers aim to build relationships for continuous growth.

    Account managers also have a responsibility to look after existing clients. Our team focus is not only on building the relation but on nurturing the existing customers.

    Communicate with clients Build client relations Drive Revenue

  4. Technical Support

    Quality Assurance
    There are many ways to build QA into an organization. If your organization needs a managed service centre for quality assurance, we can help manage projects - testing apps, ad products, websites for all devices.

    System migrations & support
    We ensure that your ad-server migrations and ad tagging are set up in a way that the important information is not lost in transition and are dealt with highest attention to detail.

    Our services are available round the clock and our experienced team members will be at your service, for all your needs on information and support.

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